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    "Dr. Heyman is incredibly kind, compassionate and knowledgeable, helping us keep our pets healthy...We feel very fortunate to have him as our vet and as our friend."

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  • Dr. Stan Heyman

    "He has an encyclopedic knowledge of veterinary medicine, like no other vet I have ever known."

Stan Heyman, D.V.M

I opened the Northside Veterinary Clinic in 1986, and have been practicing veterinary medicine in New Mexico for 30 years.

Being a solo practitioner allows for greater one-on-one attention, so I can spend more time providing better quality care to my clients and their pets. I believe in listening carefully to my clients and then discussing the best options for their animal’s health. Each person, pet and situation is different and requires an individualized and sensitive approach.

Although my primary modality is western medicine, I believe in and have had training in various holistic therapies. I am concerned with the overall well-being of your animal, including its diet, exercise, and mental health. We can explore ways to improve any and all of these areas.

Northside Clinic is an out-patient facility primarily for dogs and cats. This means that animals are not kept overnight.

My experience has shown me that they do much better recuperating at home. Whenever a pet is so seriously ill or injured that hospitalization is necessary, I will refer to an appropriate facility where overnight care can be provided.

If you are looking for a veterinary clinic that is friendly, warm, compassionate, not chaotic, and where you will see the same doctor every visit, give us a try. You’ll be glad you did.