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  • “We cannot thank Dr. Jones enough for her passion to save our dog as well as her wonderful communication skills with her patients.” in 5 reviews

  • “Their onsite diagnostic lab capability enabled us to get the test results within minutes.” in 2 reviews

  • “About 30% more than Abq vets but this place really is top notch - More importantly, I'm relieved I found a vet a trust closer than Abq- I don't trust my doggies to just anyone!” in 4 reviews

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  • 5.0 star rating

    This review is long overdue.  Dr. Gruda and his team at Gruda Vet are no less than amazing.  A highly skilled surgeon, Dr. Gruda is self-possessed yet exceedingly responsive.  I especially appreciate that he offers multiple treatment options with differing price points so that you can make well informed decisions.   His team (Chelsea and Juan, among others) are knowledgeable, compassionate, and highly qualified.  Dr.  Gruda and his team always go the extra mile to do whatever they can to deliver the best possible results for your medical situation and budget.  They work tirelessly to deliver the best care for your animal and to support you through it all.

    The fees at Gruda vet are beyond reasonable - they are generous.   I'm usually astonished by the expenses since they typically amount to about half of what I have paid for similar services in the Phoenix metro area for the past 15 years with Akitas.  This is especially notable since the cost of living in Santa Fe is quite high by comparison.  The front desk staff is wonderful - especially Debbie.  During the course of Viggo's treatment, I've made many calls and left messages which are returned without fail usually by the end of the day.

    As a person challenged with multiple and extreme chemical sensitivities, I highly value that no harsh chemicals are used in the cleaning of the clinic which is always in immaculate condition and never omits much odor.  I'm certain the patients appreciate this as well with their keen sense of smell.  Whenever I've witnessed a dog go to the bathroom on the floor, the staff is so kind about it and insists on cleaning it up.  I've observed the janitor smiling, petting, and chatting with animals that he's cleaning up after.  The energy of the clinic is positive and service-oriented and every experience I've had there has been heart-warming in spite of the fact that it's a medical facility.  

    Through my experience with Gruda Vet I was able to learn to trust veterinary medicine again.  Dr. Gruda is able to draw upon his extensive experience to offer perspectives that would otherwise not be available.  His highly skilled team listens and responds in a knowledgeable yet sensitive way.  I full heartedly recommend taking your beloveds to Dr. Gruda.  Viggo has been my bestie through years of suffering from chronic pain and illness and losing him as a result of a botched surgery (performed by Northside Vet) would have been a devastating loss.  I am forever grateful to Dr. Gruda and his team for Viggo's miraculous rehabilitation and giving us so much more time to enjoy one another.   Dr. Gruda is an outstanding surgeon and a great guy.  My heart is full of gratitude.

  • 1.0 star rating

    I brought my dog in to have a lump on his chest checked out. The vet drew liquid out of the mass, which caused it to begin bleeding uncontrollably which shook all of us up.  It was decided surgery the best option.  I think when the vet drew liquid out of the mass, it ruptured.  1 day later my dog collapsed. I brought him back in (I wish I had not) and left him there for observation (I again wish I had not). He died there.  Due to an incompetent staff member, my dog died without me there, which will haunt me for the rest of my life.  They wrote my phone number down incorrectly, the vet did try to call me but couldn't reach me so my beloved boy died alone.  This will haunt me for the rest of my life.  I would NEVER take a pet there.  Ever.

  • 5.0 star rating

    After a frustrating and very expensive visit at Northside I decided to try this place out and I'm so glad I did! I take both of my dogs to Dr. Joy and find her compassionate, knowledgeable, and personable with great communication with the pet owners. The facility is very nice as well. 5 stars all the way!

  • 1.0 star rating

    I had a horrible and traumatic vet experience with Dr. Gruda. I brought in my cat because he suddenly had a hard time standing. Instead of taking blood, like most competent vets would, he just gave him a steroid shot. Then my cat was debilitated and could barely move. When I took him in a second time, he would not take his blood test, as he should have, and instead made me bring him in a third time the next day to draw blood. He had another Jr. Vet draw blood, as if he did not want to face me with the results. It turned out my cat had an advanced stage of cancer and Dr. Gruda should not have given him that steroid shot. My cat basically OD'd from the steroid shot, suffered tremendously and I had to put him down a few days later.

    Vets usually call to check in on an animal in this situation. They never called to check how everything turned out.

    Incompetant, unprofessional and uncompassionate - and certainly not accountable.

    I would NEVER trust an animal again with the Gruda Veterinary staff.

  • 5.0 star rating

    we were traveling through santa fe when our 16 year old pug princess became very ill. we were really impressed with dr. freeman. she was very professional and knew her stuff.
    i would recommend gouda vet hospital

  • 5.0 star rating

    This is one of the Best Vet Clinics I have taken my pets to in my lifetime of owning pets. They are very professional from the receptionist to the Vet Tech's to the Doctors. My reasons are simple:
    1. Dr. Gonzales is a Vet at the top of her field...she explains the issues and provides options for treatment if needed.
    2. When one of our dog's was in severe pain and dying, the Vet I had been using couldn't see him on emergency visit, but Gruda Vet Clinic fit him in immediately! Bravo and well done.
    3.The prices are very reasonable, after moving here from Texas and having lived in several other areas of the country--including New York, we can not complain about the Vet costs.
    4.They are very personable, kind, professional and the follow-up calls are attentive. All of my animals have received excellent care and they range from 17 yrs - a puppy.
    Dr. Gonzales is one of the Best Vets I have every taken any of my animals to!

  • 5.0 star rating

    Dr. Lesley Gonzales is just an outstanding doctor.  My husband and I trust her completely with our dogs care.  Her knowledge, expertise, manner, and care not only for our animal, but for us as well reflects a true professional.

    We brought our dog in after the lack of proper care she received from Eldorado animal clinic, never ever take your animal there!

  • 1.0 star rating

    We brought out 4 month old puppy in because we were concerned that something was stuck up his nose as he was having green discharge.  The vet said she didnt think so and chose to focus on the fact that he had eaten a few grapes a few days prior, even after I told her that we had successfully gotten him to vomit them all up and that he had been eating and drinking fine, but they wanted kidney work done.  She also offered to trim his nails and trimmed one way too short,  I heard him screaming in the other room and he limped for the rest of the day.  We paid 140$ to have him leave in WORSE SHAPE than we brought him and being told "Hes fine, watch for his nose to get worse and bring him back."  Theres a reason you bring your dog to the vet, its not to be told to just watch him, its because we had ALREADY BEEN watching him and he wasnt getting better.

  • 5.0 star rating

    First time we have been to Gruda Vet after moving here from Texas. Every step of the process was outstanding! From setting an appointment, the visit, and the follow-up, all was perfect. Dr. Freeman was amazing! We appreciated her knowledge, skill and manner with handling our two precious cats. If Dr. Freeman is representative of all the doctors there, then the practice is top notch in every respect. Likewise the staff was impressive--courteous, knowledgeable and skilled. No need to look elsewhere if you are searching--this is by far one of the best vet practices we have been to and certainly the best in Santa Fe!

  • 5.0 star rating

    I am fairly new to the Santa Fe area and didn't have a regular vet so I tried this clinic. One of  my senior kitties got very sick. Turned out he had a badly infected tooth and needed four extractions altogether. Dr Gonzales took great care of him! She was sensitive to the fact that I was very worried about him going into surgery (as I always am) and she handled the whole thing like a pro. The vet techs and assistants were very nice as well and clearly compassionate about animals. They called 3 or 4 times after his procedure to see how he was doing. I thought that was very nice. I will definitely bring my senior guy and my other cats to this clinic again.

  • 5.0 star rating

    This is the second year I am using Dr Gonzales at Gruda, and am pleased and impressed with her level of expertise and caring, as well as the friendliness of the staff and cleanliness of the place.

    We spend a couple months each year in Santa Fe, and I first took my two cockapoos here in the summer of 2013, after they contracted respiratory tract infections at a local doggie daycare program.

    Dr. Gonzales was very thorough in her exams, and even tested their "tear production," discovering that my 14-year-old, Rascal, needed artificial tears along with the other meds. This year Dr Gonzales is continuing the treatment Rascal has begun at home for her stiff hips.

    This place is particularly reassuring and convenient if you are from out of town. It is obviously a new facility, with great vets, parking and easy access of of Route 25. I recommend it highly.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Nice facility, wonderful Vet, reasonable prices. I would highly recommend it! Both of our dogs needed shots and a blood draw for heart worm. The Vet explained all procedures and physical findings throughly.

  • 4.0 star rating
    • 1 check-in

    I was in a pinch and Gruda was there and to the rescue!

    I haven't been able to find a vet I really liked in Santa Fe so far. On a Saturday afternoon, my dog managed to injure her toe and she wouldn't stop chewing at it, making it worse. It was inflamed and I was really reluctant to wait until Monday so I could take her to our primary vet in Abq. They were open pretty late on a Saturday (5) which was a life saver and they were able to get me in quickly. Just from talking to them on the phone, I was starting to feel better.

    The receptionists, vet techs, and Dr. Jones were all incredible. Not only were they compassionate, they were thorough. Gruda has you go through a very detailed questionnaire about your pets and then goes over everything with you. After doing a thorough examination, Dr. Jones explained all the different variables that could have caused the injury and was upfront about prices, etc. My poor doggie had to wear a little bootie for a while but after an RX and wound cleaning, she was good to go.

    We were scheduled for a follow up a few days later to check on the wound and re-clean it if necessary. Everything was fine but one very slightly annoying thing was how much I was charged for a re-bandage. 3 days earlier it was $14. During the follow up it was $30. Not that big of a deal and I didn't notice it until I got home and saw the previous invoice.

    Bottom line:
    - Great customer service and good communication from the entire staff
    - Great hours, especially on the weekend
    - Nice facilities
    - Reasonably priced for Santa Fe vets. About 30% more than Abq vets but this place really is top notch
    - More importantly, I'm relieved I found a vet a trust closer than Abq- I don't trust my doggies to just anyone!

  • 5.0 star rating

    I've been brining my dog Mac here for a while.  We recently moved to albuquerque and now I have other vets to compare to this place.  First of all we started coming here when they were in the old building, but then they moved a few years ago to a new location.  The building is very nice and the waiting rooms are very spacious and clean.  Also its very easy to get an appointment for mac on the same day.  I think one time I had to wait a couple days for him to be seen.  Also they are open on Saturdays.  Their prices are very reasonable.  I figured Santa Fe would be more expensive but it turns out they are at about the same price range as Albuquerque.  The vets here are very nice and prompt and on time.  I can't think of a bad experience here.  Staff here is also very friendly and professional.  One other great thing is that I had to bring mac back for an issue he had already been seen for and I was not charged for the visit, only the medications and any extra procedures they had to do.  Unlike in ABQ I was charged for the vet to just take a quick look at a previous issue and got charged the regualar visit fee which can add up.

  • 5.0 star rating

    What a great place!

    My dog blew out his ACL. My regular vetiranarian recommended Dr. Gruda. He was able to get us in that day for a consult. He said normally a dog could wait a while for the surgery but mine looked like he was in an abnormal amount of pain so he squeez us in the next day! The staff there is great also! Everyone is very nice and patient. They seem to genuinely care about the well being of my dog and my feelings. And the amount of follow up care that is all included in the surgery price blew my mind. We didn't get nickeled and dimed with extra fees. My developed kidney stones and Dr. Gruda came in on Thanksgiving to make sure it wasn't some sort of complication!!!!! The surgery went great and my dog is back to his crazy running around self! I would highly recommend this vet! I signed up on yelp just to write this reviw.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Very reasonable price on an expensive surgery and when it needed revision he did it for free. I'm happy to drive up from ABQ. Nice building.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Full service Veterinary Hospital with great vets, staff and beautiful facilities.  Pricing is very reasonable and I never feel as if they are "running up the bill" as I have with other vets.  I went to Dr. Gonzales with my little dog in severe congestive heart failure.  I was able to get an appointment on Saturday, complete testing and blood work was done ON SITE, and an aggressive plan of action was put into place.  It is now 4 weeks later and my little girl is doing just great and Dr. Gonzales has been the best!  I have experience with several other vets in Santa Fe and in my opinion, Gruda is head and shoulders above them all.

  • 5.0 star rating
    • 1 check-in

    From out of town my elk hound who was 16.5 years old. Her health took a turn for the worse and Dr Jones and all the staff that we delt with were awesome when she passed away thank you all for your compassion I will not forget my expierence

  • 5.0 star rating

    We cannot thank Dr. Jones enough for her passion to save our dog as well as her wonderful communication skills with her patients.

    We were taking our dog to Dr. Gruda for about 3 years based on friends' recommendations. We always loved the clinic and Dr. Gruda's bedside manner etc. A couple of weeks before we moved away from the area, our dog suddenly developed large tumors, and we decided to go ahead an see any doctor available. That's how we met Dr. Jones.

    She saw us immediately, listened to our concerns, and examined our dog very carefully. She explained to us what our dog may have and went over various options regarding diagnostics and surgeries very clearly. She was also clearly aware of our moving timeline for the treatment to be effective and not too invasive for our dog.  She called us within the same day of each exam to ensure all our decisions could be made on time. We were also extremely impressed that she ran our dog's condition as well as his test results etc., with her colleagues. All vets we spoke to at the clinic seemed to have been familiar with our dog's case!

    Furthermore, to avoid repeating the same exams etc., Dr. Jones compiled all remaining concerns regarding our dog in a document and listed potential tests our new vet could perform. This really saved our time and money when we switched to a new vet in the new location. Our new vet was very impressed that she had thought about all possibilities that most doctors could have missed.

    Given the type of care we received from this clinic, we thought that the costs were reasonable compared with other clinics we've used in the past.  Sometimes, you don't know what kind of quality care you receive from vets until your pet starts suffering from a serious illness, and we were so fortunate to be able to have found these doctors. Thank you so much!

  • 4.0 star rating

    This is the only vet I have ever used and will continue to use. They always take great care of my pets that I bring in. The only concern I have is that they don't do payment plans. I need a costly surgery for my cat and I would consider it to be somewhat urgent. I have the CareCredit card, but that will only cover about half the expenses. I have called multiple times about making payment arrangements, but I am always turned down.

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