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4.5 star rating
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$$ Mediterranean

Opened 5 weeks ago

4.5 star rating
21 reviews
$$$ Italian
Nob Hill

Opened 8 weeks ago

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12 reviews
$$ Sushi Bars, Ramen, Poke

Opened 2 weeks ago

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Adam B.
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Review of the Day
4.0 star rating

To mix or not to mix, that is the question! Whatever your answer is, it will be delicious. Tender chicken, rich chicken-infused rice and a myriad of flavorful sauces. The Original: Love the rice! Tastes like they use a bunch of chicken fat and chicken broth, so it's almost like eating chicken risotto. The poached chicken itself is quite tender. I appreciate that it's warm (...hate when places give you cold chick... Continue reading

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