I first met Dr. Stan Heyman in 1987 when my cat Sid was hit by a truck and had a broken leg. With his help she made a full and excellent recovery and he has been my veterinarian ever since. He is incredibly kind, compassionate and knowledgeable, helping us keep our pets healthy. We have three dogs Thelma, Sadie, and Yoda and two cats, Theo and Keely. Dr. Heyman has advised us many times regarding difficult situations.

This past Spring we had to make the terrible decision to put our eldest cat, Spot, down. She had liver cancer and was really suffering. Dr. Heyman was incredible, sharing our sorrow, most importantly making her as comfortable as possible. We feel very fortunate to have him as our vet and as our friend.

~ Daniel and Candace Martinez

My husband and I have taken all of our pets to Stan for 15 years. He has nurtured great trust with his holistic, gentle approach to both animals and their owners. We love Stan Heyman and the Northside veterinary Clinic!

~ Nancy and Jon Gagan

I recently moved here from San Diego and was seeking out a veterinarian to get my dogs 2nd set of rabies shots so I could register her with the County of Santa Fe.

I didn’t know just how LUCKY I was until 6 months later when my 14 year-old cat had an abscess that burst open and I had to rush him to the ER. Vet. Fortunately, they were able to stabilize him through the night with fluids and antibiotics but had a very grim outlook for his life expectancy.

I picked Harley up the next morning and took him directly to Dr. Heyman. I immediately felt comfortable with his conservative approach and gentle manner and care. He nursed my cat back to health for 5 days before performing the needed surgery. Here we are 3 weeks later with a clean recovery and a healthy cat. Even more so, a happy mommy that my beloved cat is still with me!

Thankfully, I had a positive outcome with the health of my cat but I will say that even if Harley did not make it, I truly, truly felt Dr. Heyman made all the correct decisions for Harley’s well being. Every decision that was made, I was 110% comfortable with.

Dr. Heyman is one in a million! He is so genuine with his love for animals and pride in his job. He even kissed my cat’s head when we left the office! Dr. Heyman is a veterinarian because he loves his profession and loves animals…He is not just a business!

Thank you so much ~ Love,

~ Kimberly and Harley

Dr. Stan Heyman, or "Uncle Stan" as I call him, has been my vet for over 16 years. He has a wonderful rapport with animals and is extremely compassionate with both animals and their people. He spends whatever time is necessary to provide the very best care possible to you and your beloved companion.

~ Judy Anderson

Dr. Stan Heyman has seen me through five malamutes over the years. He has all the qualities that are important to me; thoroughness, experience, and especially compassion and kindness. He completely understands how important all of our animals are to us.

~ Scottie Dunshee and Frank Rolla

My wife and I used to take our dogs to another veterinary clinic in Santa Fe, where we saw a different (usually inexperienced) vet on each visit, and the office staff always seemed to change. After we switched to Northside, the difference was astounding. Dr. Heyman knows the personality and quirks of each of our dogs, is truly sensitive to their (and our) needs, and has an encyclopedic knowledge of veterinary medicine, like no other vet I have ever known. Recently, we (worriedly) brought in our lethargic Boston Terrier. Stan had some great practical suggestions that worked, called me immediately on my cell phone on a Saturday morning when the lab results came in, and followed up with additional advice. Then, in the course of our phone conversation, he asked timely questions about our other dog, a puppy with a major chewing problem. What amazing service! Northside Veterinary Clinic is a Santa Fe gem. Each of my dogs gives it a "four paw" rating.

~ Gary Lowenthal

Stan has been there for us for 20 years of cat care. Our current cat, “Wiley,” was seriously injured and faced the possibility of losing a leg from a nasty abscess a year ago. Stan’s skilled surgical expertise and loving care pulled him through. He and his fabulous pet-loving staff spent personal time and energy nurturing “Wiley” back to complete health. This is the kind of care and attention we receive whenever we walk into Stan’s clinic! He is loving, patient and always there with a big smile and hug when we need it the most. He and his staff are the best!

~ Janet Graham and Jan Arsenault

My relationship with Dr. Heyman goes back to January 1997 when I first brought my boxer Sadie to him. Since then I’ve had the pleasure of taking Dusty and Sausage to him for his wonderful care.
I will be looking for a couple of dogs in the Spring. I will call Dr. Heyman for his advice, when the time comes. I always refer him and his staff to my friends. I tell them that if they want the best loving care that Northside Vet Clinic is the best.

~ Larry Lujan

Dr. Stan Heyman of Northside Veterinary Clinic has been the veterinarian for all of our pets for over 20 years. We have had four German Shepards and one cat during this time. He has always been there for us when our pets needed him, whether it was just routine checkups, stitches for an accident, necessary surgery, or their final days. He is a true professional in all aspects of veterinary medicine.

Stan is as passionate now about his work with animals as he was when we first met him. He has been a great friend and his love for his work and concern for animals is very apparent. We will soon be on our third pair of dogs and Stan will be one of the first people they see. We are so appreciative for all of his work in the past and look forward to him watching over our pets in the future.

~ Don and Monica Wiles

I discovered the Northside Veterinary Clinic in 2000 when I moved to Santa Fe. As an animal rescue volunteer high quality care for my pets is a top priority. I have the highest regard for Dr. Heyman as a skilled vet and personal friend. His handling of emergency situations as well as advice on routine matters has always been accurate and compassionate and I’ve never felt the need for a second opinion. The atmosphere in the clinic is warm, friendly and confidence-inspiring . I feel fortunate that the healthcare for my pets is in good hands.

~ Pippa Garner

Since 1992 Northside Veterinary Clinic has consistently provided my pets with gentle, accurate diagnosis and treatments. The clinic location is convenient and they are accommodating with scheduling. Dr. Heymans’s personal, unhurried attention to each visit gives me the peace of mind that my pets are receiving the best care.

~ Daschelle Burrows

We could not ask for a better veterinarian for our animals than Dr. Stan Heyman at Northside Veterinary Clinic. Let’s get specific:

We have had several dogs with serious dental needs. He did a superb job at a reasonable cost. The result fresher breath, sparkling eyes.

Our cat Emmie looked like a goner. Dr. Heyman correctly diagnosed the problem and Emmie is purring away now with her urinary tract infection cured.

We could go on and on but the overall picture is the same. He tests where tests are mandatory but proceeds one step at a time. The balance of his professional competence and compassion make Dr. Heyman a fantastic veterinarian. We are glad we found him and recommend him heartily to others. We regard him and his clinic a blessing to the Santa Fe community.

~ Dr. Gregory (PhD) and Jill Zeigler

For the past 15 years my four dogs have been cared for by Dr. Stan and his crew at Northside Veterinary Clinic. Dr. Stan knows his medicine and delivers care in a very professional and compassionate manner. My dogs range in age from 13 to 17 years and are still going strong, in large part to the excellent care of Dr. Heyman. My dogs are my kids and I am so grateful they have Dr. Stan.

~ Ed Bielaski

Northside Veterinary Clinic is the place to go if you really love your pets. Dr. Heyman and his staff are very good with our dogs. If he doesn’t quite have the answer he will always suggest an alternative but even after we may get a second opinion, from a specialist, we find that Dr. Heyman was on the right track. This office is not so big that one gets lost in the shuffle. We feel quite at home no matter what the need.

~ Pat Marciano

Dr. Heyman has been our family vet for 20 years. He has seen our animals, cats and dogs, large and small, through infancy, adolescence and old age with compassion, caring and thoughtfulness. Dr. Heyman is also very accessible and even took the time to call our son who was in South America about his ailing rescue cat.

~ Susanne and Philip Moss

We have been bringing our cats to Stan for 13 years, that pretty much speaks for itself. We rescued a dog just lately and Dr. Heyman and his two assistants have been helping us figure out what to do with her and how to take care of her. If you are looking for a vet with a heart of gold and a sweet touch with critters then this is the one for you.

~ Cathra-Anne Barker and Richard Meyer

Two years ago we moved from Phoenix. Before Dr. Heyman we tried another clinic. We are picky; we have owned many pets in our lifetime and have learned much on our own. We needed a partner to navigate the sea of uncertainty that comes with illness. Since then we have had one tragedy, one miracle and a few more steps in the journey. We feel blessed to know that Stan takes these steps with us.

~ Michael Beaghler

Picture a veterinarian and his staff as the most kind and caring people you could ever want caring for your dear pets.

My name is Sunny Nye and I want to tell you of my 20 + years of relying on Northside Veterinary Clinic, and thus Dr. Stan Heyman and his staff for the care they have given my dogs and to me for so many years. I lived in Santa Fe for many years and now live in Albuquerque. Initially upon moving to Albuquerque I tried to find a vet to equal that of Dr. Heyman. It was a “no go” so I gave up the idea of not having to commute to Santa Fe for my pets veterinary needs.

Dr. Heyman has performed surgeries on several of my dogs, as well as other treatments, always with excellent results. When due to old age I had to put one of my dogs down, I must say I expected it to be one of the hardest things I’d ever have to do. Dr. Heyman and his staff made that day so much better for both my dog and me than I could ever have imagined. Never have I experienced such compassion for the peaceful passing of my beloved dog. Frankly, my son and dear friend who were present were also amazed by this experience. I gratefully and confidently put my pets in the care of Dr. Heyman and do advocate for others to be so fortunate as to be patients of Northside Veterinary Clinic.

~ Sunny Nye


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